Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Crafts

Milk Cartons $5

These are handmade Easter milk cartons. Each milk carton is full of Easter candy. You can choose the color of your milk carton and the color of your egg shell! Great to give as gifts for your friends, family, teachers, etc.

Easter Card $2

Inside of the card

Easter Egg Can (only one available) $3

This is a good Easter bucket for a little one. There isn't candy inside. This way you can choose what your child likes!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Rag Quilts

Each of these quilts has three different kinds of material on them. The average size of the blankets is 1 yd x 1 yd. Some are a little bigger and some are a little smaller. If you would like to know the exact measurements of a certain blanket email us and we will measure the blanket for you. The cost for each one was $30. The price is now ONLY $25. Take advantage of these awesome savings!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Headbands and Hair Clippies

Each headband is $1.50. These head bands fit ages newborn to adult. First row: teal, brown, light blue, cream. Second row: light orange, hot pink, tan, light yellow, black. Third row: golden yellow, dark purple, orange, light purple.

Also available: white, light pink, red

Buy a full set (16) for only $20!!!

All flowers have clips on the back so you can interchange them to any headband you like. The first photo is a picture of all of the flowers and the rest are just closeups. They are $.75 each.

Paint Cans

You can use these to put a gift in and give away, or put socks, hair accessories, or anything you can think of. $8


Burp Cloths

All burp cloths are $1.00 each. The available quantity for each is listed below the picture.





Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Crafts

Friendship Notepad-$3

Flower Notepad-$3


Christmas bag-$2

Christmas tin-$4

Picture Box (Enough spots for 17 pictures). $1

Christmas candy bar wrappers-$2

Little Girl TuTu's

These little girl tutu's are made for girls around the ages of 3-5, depending on your girl's size. Each tutu is $15. Other colors are available if you are interested. These are the only ones that are made, thus the only ones we have pictures of.

Pink and Black

Green (great for Tinkerbell costume)

Black and White

Purple and White

Recipe Box

The recipe box is $10 and the recipe flip book is $7. Both come with 5 recipe cards per food group as well as a sheet of card stock with 4 recipe cards on it that can be copied at your own leisure as more cards are needed. The recipe box has it's own stand for the card to be held up on while cooking.